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Dr David Cohen

Seasoned Management Consultant ,

Dr. David S.Cohen Ed. D. is a seasoned management consultant passionate about building organizations through the successful alignment of their people to the corporate values and corresponding behaviors. He works with organizations and their leaders to ensure the clear articulation of the culture and the application of that knowledge to building integrated talent management processes and practices and improving employee engagement.

David has over 29 years of consulting experience working with organizations across all industry sectors. He has worked with companies one five continents. He has extensive experience and success working on helping organizations build: clearly articulated values, employee engagement, leadership development, structure behavioral interviewing processes, on-boarding, performance management programs, programs on accountability to meeting business commitments, succession planning processes, 360 Feedback systems, company wide behavioral competency models, career planning processes, and team building activities, organization culture initiatives In addition to the above his clients call upon him to coach senior leaders.

David is also frequently called upon to present at conferences around the globe. He has presented on a variety of topics associated with talent management and organizational culture. His most recent presentations were in Singapore, Mumbai, Bangalore, Dubai, and Toronto.

Furthermore, David has authored to books including The Talent Edge: A Behavioral Approach to Hiring, Developing, and Keeping Top Performers (John Wiley and Sons, August, 2001) which remains a valuable book and has been reprinted five times. His second book focuses on corporate culture, organizational values and leadership and is titled Inside the Box: Leading With Corporate Values to Drive Sustained Business Success (Jossey-Bass September 2006). In 2009 he received from the Asia Pacific HRD Summit their 'HR Leadership Award’ for thought leadership in Human Resources because of his work on the development of behavioral competencies and their application to building integrated talent management systems. He holds a doctorate in humanistic and behavioral studies from Boston University with post-graduate work and teaching at the Harvard School of Education. He is on the faculty for continuing executive education at the Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, Canada and on the faculty of Durham College in the School of Business, IT and Management where he teaches organizational behavior, succession planning and behavioral interviewing.