Speaker Profile

Gary A. DePaul

Distinguished Research Fellow,

Gary A. DePaul, PhD , isn’t your typical HR and leadership guru. He traded his corporate suits for podcast and stage microphones. As a speaker, author, learning technology professor, and consultant, Gary ignites curiosity about leadership in unexpected ways.

He believes leadership isn’t just about climbing corporate ladders. It’s about sparking creativity, driving innovation, and inspiring engagement. You’ll find him weaving stories from the corporate trenches, debunking leadership myths, and offering practical tools that anyone can use to lead with purpose and passion.

For someone who has worked at organizations in talent development, such as at Lowe’s, Ceridian, and Johnson Controls, Gary offers time-tested performance tools, templates, and practices. These can enable you to build business partnerships and contribute towards the bottom line.

So, whether you’re a CEO navigating uncharted waters or a young HR business partner craving a more fulfilling career, Gary’s down-to-earth approach, evidence-based practices, and infectious enthusiasm will empower you to tap into your leadership potential.

Want to explore more? Dive into Gary’s blog, tune into his Unlabeled Leadership podcast, or grab a copy of his latest book on 21st-century leadership. The journey starts now!

Books: Nine Practices of 21st Century Leadership (Second Edition), What the Heck Is Leadership and Why Should I Care?, The 2022 HRBP Report, and The Most Effective and Responsible Clinical Training Techniques in Medicine.